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Urban trees and urban forests provide many benefits to communities, including making air more breathable, reducing noise pollution, increasing traffic safety, preventing soil erosion, providing health benefits, and so much more! Explore this section to learn more about trees and tree management in Sidney.

  • Tree Preservation Bylaw
    Tree Preservation Bylaw No. 2138 regulates the cutting, pruning, and removal of trees and sets requirements for replacing protected trees.

  • Tree Permit Applications
    To remove, extensively prune, or top an existing tree located on private property, you may require a Tree Removal Permit.

  • Urban Forest Strategy
    The Town adopted an Urban Forest Strategy in 2019 which provides a clear vision and objectives for the future management of Sidney’s urban forest.

  • Significant Tree List *New!*
    The Town has created an informal Significant Tree List and an opportunity for the public to nominate potential significant trees in the community.

  • Tree Planting & Care Tips
    Tips for selecting, planting, and caring for trees.

  • Tree Appreciation Day

Contact Information

For additional information about trees and tree management in Sidney, please contact:
Parks Department