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Town of Sidney Tree Preservation Bylaw No. 2138 regulates the cutting, pruning, and removal of trees and sets requirements for replacing protected trees.

Protected Trees

Trees are protected for many reasons, from the tree type to its size or location. A rough guide of which trees are protected includes:

  • Protected species: Douglas Fir with a diameter of 30 cm or more and Arbutus, Dogwood, and Garry Oak trees with a diameter of 15cm or more
  • Replacement trees
  • Trees required to be planted under a Development Permit
  • Trees on a highway, park or other Town owned or occupied lands
  • Any tree having a diameter greater than 75cm

Please refer to Tree Preservation Bylaw No. 2138 for more detailed information.

Removing Trees 

To remove, extensively prune, or top an existing tree located on private property, you may require a Tree Removal Permit and should contact the Parks Department at 250-656-1034 to speak with Sidney's Arborist before you begin. If a Tree Removal Permit is required, you can obtain one by completing the Tree Permit Application and submitting it to the Engineering Department. Applications can be submitted either in person at Town Hall or via email to:

The Parks Department is also responsible for authorizing the removal of any tree on public property including parks and boulevards. If a property owner wishes to remove a tree fronting their property and is unsure whether or not it is within their property line, the owner should contact the Parks Department for consultation.

If you have a concern about the condition of a tree or trees in a public space or on a boulevard, please contact the Parks Department.

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