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Philip Organ - From Coast to Coast

Philip Organ

Toronto born artist, Philip Organ grew up on beautiful Cape Breton Island along Canada’s wild and rugged East Coast. His work is inspired and influenced by the island’s environment with its dynamic cycles of change and transformation.

Another important influence for Philip comes directly from the ocean. During his early years, he worked as a commercial, deep sea diver off the coast of Nova Scotia gaining a strong connection and respect for this extremely powerful force of nature.

Philip was introduced to art at an early age by his father who taught him painting with oils and acrylics. He attended St Mary’s University, Fanshawe Collage, and Dartmouth technical School while continuing to explore art by visiting galleries and museums, researching art through the ages, studying color, form and space and experimenting with different mediums and techniques. His preferred medium is direct metal sculpture, welded and/or assembled; aluminum, stainless and painted steel, and corten steel. He also works in other mediums including fired-clay, cast stone, wood, acrylics, gouache, and mixed media. 

Exhibiting in both commercial and public galleries, Philip’s work has been purchased for private and corporate collections. He has been a member of the Sculptor’s Society of Canada since 1997, and his work is included in the book, ‘The World Art Collection’ published in January 2002.

Although Philip has his own interpretations for his work, he does not wish to impose limits by describing them in detail. He says, “What is important is that the work of art encourages one to simply stop for a moment and experience it, to wonder and reflect, to use one’s own imagination to join in aesthetic contemplation and the creative process.”

For Phillip, the creative process is a never ending journey of discovery and revelation which he will continue here, on Vancouver Island. After visiting and exploring the Island, Philip and his wife, Lyn, were so taken by its beauty that they recently purchased a property here. 

Sculpture parks hold a special fondness for Philip. He considers them a wonderful way to unite artwork, natural environments, and people while enhancing an outdoor site and expanding its public and social relationships. Of the Sidney Sculpture Walk he says, “Sidney’s beautiful waterfront environment with its awe-inspiring vistas is a wonderful and easily accessible location for a sculpture park, adding to the overall experience for visitors to the community and residents alike.”

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