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Centaur Chiron

Centaur 2
Centaur (Chiron) - Artist Philip Organ
Cost: $6,800
Dimensions: 85" x 51" x 17"
Weight: 185 lb (84 kgs)
Medium: Corten Steel (copper steel) & Wire Cable

Artist's Statement:  

Sculpturally, this piece conveys graceful curves and strong lines of form and space; while also suggesting the form of the mythical creature, the centaur. In Greek mythology, centaurs were part human and part horse, known for their unruly and destructive behavior. The centaur known as Chiron – the wise one – was different, having vast knowledge of the healing ways. Chiron was like a beacon of hope for the others to follow, to change their destructive course. *Note: Corten steel, also known as copper steel, contains a higher percentage of copper than regular mild steel. It does not require a protective coating or future re-coating, like paint for example. When left to weather outdoors, over time, corten steel forms a thin layer of surface rust, a coppery rust finish/patina which helps protect it from the elements. It has been used in the construction of structures like remote railway bridges and outdoor sculptures due to its low maintenance/cost and aesthetic qualities.

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