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Kayak Launch Locations

The waters off Sidney provide some of the best kayaking in the entire Pacific Northwest.  There are a number of islands within a short distance that make great day trips for kayak enthusiasts.  Kayakers can also plan overnight excursions to nearby Sidney Island and D'arcy Island, both of which are in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve.


Beach Access Points for Kayaks

Kayaks can be launched at the following beach accesses:

  • East end of Ardwell Avenue (no turnaround, often congested street end, 2 hour paring, long carry on low tide)
  • East end of Amherst Avenue (street end, turnaround, allocated 4 hour parking, short carry on all tides, stairs)
  • South end of Bowden Road (quiet, wide street end, day parking, short carry on all tides, stairs to beach)
  • North end of Fifth Street (quiet street end, good turnaround, day parking, beach with long carry on low tide)
  • North end of Third Street (quiet street end, good turnaround, day parking, medium carry on low tide)
  • Lochside Drive (various locations between Tulista Boat Launch and the south Sidney municipal boundary)
  • Tulista Boat Launch

Kayakers who wish to launch from other locations or beach accesses in the Town should be aware of posted signage and please note that all parking in the Town is limited to 24 hours.  The Town responds to complaints for vehicles parked in excess of 24 hours.  It is also advised that you be considerate as to where you park so not to block any driveways or encroach on any yellow lines.