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Puzzling by the Sea

Try out some of these online puzzles we've created using the Jigsaw Explorer platform. We'll continue to add to the collection - check back whenever you're in the mood to puzzle!

Use the prompts within the puzzle platform to change the number of pieces, change the background colour, and reference the guide photo.

If you'd like to send in one of your own photos of Sidney for us to include in this online puzzle collection, email your images to admin@sidney.ca and include a title and your name for the photo credit!


Summer Seats

Summer Seats Web


Sunset Flight

Photo by Jackie Stewart
Sunset Flight Web


Colourful Tackle

Photo by Truth Renaissance
Colourful Tackle Web


A Welcome to Sidney

A Welcome to Sidney Web


Sidney by the Sea(gull)

Sidney by the Seagull Web


Basking in the Sunshine

Daffodils along Lochside Web


Reay Creek Reflections

Reay Creek Reflections - Web


Waterfront Tulips

Waterfront Walkway Tulips - web


A Pop of Colour in Garden Court

Colour Pop Web


Tulip Time

Tulip Time Web


Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring Web


Waterfront Bouquet

Waterfront Bouquet - Web


Spring Crocuses

Spring Crocuses - Web


Cherry Blossoms!

Cherry Blossoms - Web


Keeping Watch

Keeping Watch - Web


Message of Love

Message of Love Web


Seaside Crocosmia

Seaside Crocosmia Web


Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore Web


Beach Study

Beach Study Web


Christmas by the Sea Puzzle Collection

Waterfront Radiance - Web


Autumn on the Pier

Autumn on the Pier Web


Jack-O-Lantern Alley

Jack-O-Lantern Alley - Web


A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach - Web


Cloud Gazing by the Sea

Photo by Stephen Habel
Cloud Gazing by the Sea - Web


Have a Rest

Have a Rest - Web


Waterfront Flowers

Waterfront Flowers - Web


Canada Day Puzzle Collection

A grid of 4 Canada Day images including fireworks, build-a-boat event, and Sidney Fire Truck in the Canada Day Parade


Sunset at the Fish Market

Photo by Mel Falk
Sunset at the Fish Market Web


Roberts Bay Arbutus

Roberts Bay Arbutus


Seeing Green at Iroquois Park

Iroquois Park Plants Web


Salish Sea Views

Salish Sea Views - Web


Ship Shape at Port Sidney Marina

Photo by Derek Atha
Port Sidney Marina Dereck Atha Web

Welcome to Lochside Waterfront Park

Lochside Waterfront Park Welcome Web


The Rose Garden

The Rose Garden Web


Waterfront Walkway

Photo by Brian Losie
Waterfront Walkway Web


Eastview Park

Eastview Park Web


VE Day in Sidney, May 8, 1945

VE Day in Sidney - Web


2020 Sidney Street Banners

2020 Sidney Street Banners - Web


Fish Market Sail Past

Fish Market Sailpast Web


Sidney Booktown

Sidney Booktown Web


Mount Baker at Dusk

Mount Baker at Dusk


Lochside Waterfront Park

Lochside Waterfront Park Web


Port Sidney Marina

Port Sidney Marina Web


Patricia Bay Sunset

Photo By Dena Scriven
Patricia Bay Sunset by Dena Scriven Web


Bevan Fishing Pier

Bevan Fishing Pier Web


Iroquois Park

Iroquois Park


Old Man by the Sea

Old Man by the Sea Web


Sidney by the Sea

Sidney by the Sea Web


Reay Creek Park is a Hoot!

Reay Creek Owl Web


8 Arms to Wave Hello at the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea

Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea Octopus


Under the Sea at the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea

Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea - Jellyfish Web