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Christmas Puzzles

A special series of puzzles to celebrate the holiday season!

Winter Reflections

 Bevan Fishing Pier Over Water Web


Snow and Lights

Photo by Mona Brash and Clarence Bolt
Snow and Lights Web


Bevan Fishing Pier is Glowing

 Bevan Fishing Pier Lights Web


Does the Town of Sidney have a Gingerbread Residential Zone?

Sidney BIA Photo
Gingerbread - Web


A Festive Beacon Bandshell

 A Festive Beacon Bandshell - Web


Dog Walking in a Winter Wonderland

  Walking in a Winter Wonderland - Web


Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane Web 


A Crop of Candy

  A Candy Crop Web


December Sunrise

December Sunrise Web 


Candy Canes Hung with Care

Candy Canes Hung with Care Web 


Waterfront Radiance

Waterfront Radiance - Web  


Beacon Ave Aglow

Beacon Ave Aglow Web