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Municipal Services Updates

Access to Municipal Buildings & Amenities

  • Access to Town Hall, the Community Safety Building, and the Parks & Public Works Yard is currently restricted to comply with physical distancing requirements. Municipal business is being conducted by phone, email, online through our website, and by appointment. Find department contact information on our Contact Us page.
  • Town of Sidney Driver Services has reopened to the public for certain services with new physical distancing measures in place.
  • The Sidney/North Saanich RCMP front counter has reopened to the public. They are providing limited services (ie. no fingerprinting).
  • Public Washrooms at 9813 Fourth Street (8 am - 8 pm), Iroquois Park (dawn to dusk), and Tulista Park (dawn to dusk) have been kept open for public use with enhanced cleaning procedures.

We are continuing municipal operations to the fullest extent possible during this time and prioritizing essential services. Our standard departmental services will be conducted by phone, email, through our website, and by appointment. You can find department contact information on our Contact Us page and access our online services on our Online Services page. Response times to inquiries may take longer than usual - we appreciate your patience during this time.

Scroll through this page or select a specific department from the list to learn more about what changes our municipal departments are implementing to adapt to this situation.


Phone Number: 250-656-1139

  • Town Meetings
    Regular Council meetings will continue as scheduled, however meetings of Town Committees will resume on an as required basis. Due to restrictions imposed on public gatherings by the Provincial Health Officer, Council meetings will be closed to the public until further notice. However, public meetings will be live-streamed for public viewing. Council meeting agendas can be viewed on our Council Meetings page.
  • Council Meeting Live Stream
    Council meetings are now being live-streamed. Visit the Council Meetings page for the meeting schedule and the link to the live-stream. A link to the Council meeting video recording will be posted on the Council Meetings page the day after the meeting.
  • Council Meeting Public Participation
    The public may submit comments or questions to Council via email at prior to 12:00 pm (noon) on the day of the meeting. Please note in your email that it is intended for the Public Participation Period; any correspondence marked as such will be recorded under Public Participation Period and read aloud in the meeting. Comments should be kept brief, as the allotted time remains limited. Your comments may have to be summarized to fit within the allotted time.
  • If you would like to participate electronically (via Zoom) and speak during Public Participation Period, please contact the Corporate Officer at 250-655-5402 or prior to 12:00 noon on the day of the meeting to register as a speaker.

Bylaw Enforcement

General Phone: 250-656-4502
General Email:

On March 26, the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General used the extraordinary powers of the Emergency Program Act to enable municipal bylaw officers to enforce the Provincial Health Officer’s orders. Town of Sidney Bylaw Officers now have the authority to ensure that local businesses are complying with provincially mandated service changes and closures.

  • Municipal Bylaw Officers are visiting Sidney businesses to provide guidance based on recommendations and orders from senior levels of government and the regional and provincial health authorities.
  • Municipal Bylaw Officers are also visiting the waterfront area and local parks to help ensure that people in these public spaces are able to keep 2 metres from other park and trail users they encounter.

Development Services

Phone: 250-656-1725

Driver Services

Phone: 250-656-0614

  • Driver Services has reopened to the public for certain services with new physical distancing measures in place.
    - Available on a walk-in, first-come first-served basis: driver licensing transactions, ticket payments, B.C. Identification Card/B.C. Services Card transactions
    - Available by appointment only: Autoplan transactions and vehicle transfers

  • Driver Services' staff are able to conduct the below ICBC Autoplan transactions over the phone. Call Town of Sidney Driver Services at 250-656-0614 to access these services.
    - Renewals
    - Policy changes
    - Cancellations
    - Storage policies
    - Temporary operating permits


Phone: 250-656-1184

  • Bill Payments
    During this time, utility bills, dog licence and business licence renewal payments can be made:
    - By credit card on the Town's website;
    - By cheque through the mail or dropped in the letterbox at Town Hall;
    - Utility bills can be paid at your financial institution or through online banking.
  • Utility Bill Payments
    In order to provide some relief, the Town has extended the payment deadline for the quarterly utility bill for the period of January 1 to March 31 by two months. The payment due date for this billing has been set to Friday, July 31, 2020, rather than the end of May. Please note that a 5% late payment penalty will apply for any outstanding utility amounts 31 days after the due date. Those who are able to pay early are asked kindly to do so; this will help our financial results for the year, and help to reduce future tax and utility increases. If you are able to pay early, we thank you; if not, we hope that the relaxation of the due dates provides some relief at this challenging time.
  • Changes to Pre-Authorized Withdraws for Property Tax & Utilities
    Changes can be made using this form. Please return the completed form by email to or dropped in the letterbox at Town Hall.
  • Tulista Boat Launch Passes
    Semi-annual and annual boat launch passes are available for purchase at the Tulista Boat Launch ticket machine.
  • Accounts Payable
    Vendors are asked to submit invoices electronically by emailing them to To ensure payment during the COVID epidemic, we encourage all vendors to enroll in the Town’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment Plan to ensure uninterrupted payment. To receive EFT payments, please complete this form and return it with a void cheque to


Fire Department

Phone: 250-656-2121

  • Public Education
    Fire hall tours and public educational seminars have currently been cancelled until further notice.
  • Response to Incidents
    Our dedicated volunteers and staff continue to serve our community through incident response under the parameters from the Provincial Health Officer to preserve First Responder and public health.


Public Works, Parks & Engineering

Phone: 250-656-4502

Garbage Collection

The Town’s contractor is working hard to ensure curbside garbage and organics collection service levels are maintained. Here are a few things that you can do to keep these important people safe and healthy:

  • Until further notice, please bag your garbage. This helps contain any material that may be contaminated. Garbage containers with loose garbage will be tagged and not emptied.
  • Please place cleaning & hygiene in a plastic bag in your garbage container. These include used tissues, cloths, disinfectant wipes, masks, gloves, personal hygiene products and all similar items. Please do not flush any of these down the toilet or place them loose in your garbage or organics container.

Parks & Playgrounds

Refer to our Parks & Pathways Updates Page for the latest updates about parks, pathways, and outdoor recreation facilities.

Public Works & Parks Activities Around Town

With the declaration of a provincial state of emergency along with public health authorities urging people to stay at home and minimize contact with others as much as possible, the Town of Sidney has reduced service levels to the extent possible, while still providing our essential services. This means that you will still see our Public Works and Parks staff around Town carrying out essential duties. This work is being performed with physical distancing guidelines in place, while following safe work practices. Minimizing risk to both Town staff and the public is the top priority when carrying out these activities.

Public Works Activities

Town staff in the Public Works Department continue to carry out essential operations, including maintaining critical infrastructure such as water and sewer systems, roads, sanitation, and municipal facilities. Town staff will also continue to plan and construct capital projects that have been approved as part of the 2020 budget.

Public Works staff also play a key role in supporting and implementing many of the initiatives developed by the Town’s Emergency Operations Centre. This includes increased cleaning and sanitizing of the Town’s public washrooms and shower facility. Public Works staff have also been installing physical distancing signage around Town, including in our parks and along our busier pathways.

Parks Activities

Sidney parks and pathways currently remain open for use, with social distancing guidelines in place, to support our residents’ physical and mental health. There are minimum levels of maintenance that town staff in the Parks Department must perform to ensure they remain safe for use. Additionally, our municipal parks and gardens require a certain level of upkeep to ensure they do not become fire hazards or fall into a state of disrepair from which they cannot be recovered. Furthermore, by not completing at least a minimum level of maintenance, the Town would simply be increasing future costs to undertake the work once the pandemic ultimately subsides.

In order to balance reduced service levels with essential maintenance, we are taking the following steps:

  • Grass cutting frequency will be reduced by 50% with the grass cut at a higher level and fertilizers and irrigation set at minimum levels to maintain the turf.
  • Annual lawn maintenance activities such as aerating and top dressing will continue in order to maintain long-term lawn health.
  • Boulevards, beach accesses and pathways will be maintained to a standard that minimizes fire and safety risks.
  • Trees and plantings will be watered as required to maintain health.

Due to ordering timelines, the Parks Department will proceed with the following projects so that materials are not wasted:

  • Floral Displays
    Floral displays are planned and materials ordered well in advance of when they are actually planted, so with some plantings already delivered, we feel it is important to proceed with some of these displays. We have reduced our seasonal floral displays and the majority will be planted in areas that have automated watering systems.
  • Street Banners
    The Town’s annual street banners were designed and ordered many months ago, so the Town will proceed with installing them. Town staff in the Parks Department are able to meet physical distancing requirements while they install the banners.

We hope that these floral displays and street banners bring a sense of happiness, pride, and vibrancy to our Town during this stressful and challenging time.