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Climate Action and Sustainability


The Town of Sidney is committed to climate action and environmental sustainability.

In 2019, Sidney Council declared a climate emergency and resolved to continue work towards achieving carbon neutrality both in the community and corporate level.

Explore the links below to learn more about climate action and environmental sustainability initiatives and resources.

Climate Action Plan

In 2022, the Town of Sidney approved an updated Climate Action Plan to help Sidney fulfill its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This plan establishes reductions targets along with policies and actions to help reach those goals. This plan was developed to respond to the latest science so that we can become a more resilient, and lower carbon community.

To learn more, visit our Climate Action Plan page.

Building & Renovation Rebates

Ensuring our buildings are resilient and low carbon is key to reducing our community greenhouse gas emissions and having safe, comfortable homes for the years to come. Resources are available to support homeowners and builders who are building and retrofitting the spaces in which we live, work, and play.

To learn more, visit our Building & Renovation rebates page.

BC Energy Step Code

The Provincial CleanBC plan establishes a set of energy efficiency standards for all new construction, called Step Code. While this standard is currently voluntary in Sidney, it will become part of baseline BC Building Code as of December 2022. If you are a current or future builder, now is a great time to start getting informed about these new requirements.

To learn more about Step Code, as well as the resources available to support you, visit our BC Energy Step Code page.

Sea Level Rise

Sea levels are expected to rise as a result of climate change, with flood risk increasing even more during winter storms. Planning for climate change and sea level rise now will reduce costs and impacts in the future since risk is expected to increase over time.

To learn more about sea level rise and what Sidney is doing about it, visit our Sea Level Rise page.


Urban Forest Strategy

Sidney's Urban Forest Strategy is an important part of our community's resilience to climate change. Trees not only visually enhance our urban landscape, but they form a key part of many ecosystems, absorb stormwater, and offer residents and visitors protection from the heat, wind, and rain.

To learn more about Sidney's strategy for managing the urban treescape, visit our Urban Forest Strategy page.


Get Involved

The Town of Sidney is committed to climate action and environmental sustainability, but you can help make difference as we work towards becoming a more resilient and lower carbon community together.

Opportunities to take action on climate change or get involved in environmental initiatives will be shared on the What You Can Do page.


Contact Information

Want to get in touch? Reach out to our Climate Action & Policy Planner:
Kira Gill-Maher