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Climate Action Plan

In 2010, the Town developed its Climate Action Plan (CAP) with the assistance of Stantec Consulting Ltd. The CAP will help Sidney fulfill its commitment to reducing GHG emissions in two distinct areas: Town of Sidney corporate operations and in the overall community.

Corporate Component

To meet Sidney's voluntary commitment to the Climate Action Charter, which requires that municipalities in British Columbia work towards carbon neutrality, the development of the Town's CAP involved the following initiatives:

  • Conducting a detailed review and analysis of municipal operations in order to highlight achievable energy savings and GHG emission reductions from municipal facilities, fleet vehicles, infrastructure and waste;
  • Proposing appropriate strategies for offsetting the remaining emissions; and
  • Determining cost implications for implementing these measures of the CAP.

Community Component

With the adoption of Bill 27, the Local Government (Green Communities) Act, all British Columbia local governments were required to include emission reduction targets in their respective Official Community Plans by May 31st, 2010. As this requirement has community-wide implications, it is often referred to as the community component of the GHG reduction initiative.

In June 2010, Council adopted the following targets into the Official Community Plan:

  1. The Town will endeavour to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its own corporate operations in an effort to reach and maintain a state of carbon neutrality.
  2. The Town will endeavour to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the community as a whole by 15% below 2007 levels by the year 2020; 30% below 2007 levels by the year 2030; and 80% below 2007 levels by the year 2050.

The Town of Sidney is undertaking annual monitoring and continues to work towards reducing its GHG emissions where possible. For more information please explore the links to the right, or contact the Development Services Department.

Regional Climate Action Program

The CRD’s Climate Action Program was developed through the Climate Action and Adaptation Service Establishment Bylaw No. 3510 in 2008. The Program launched in spring 2009, and serves the region’s municipalities and electoral areas by acting as a resource, hub and facilitator on both climate mitigation and adaptation issues. The Program works directly with staff and elected officials from local governments across the region to support the development and implementation of both community-wide and corporate climate action initiatives.  The Program’s budget is provided through an annual CRD tax requisition on behalf of all of the municipalities in the capital region.