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Climate Action Plan


The 2022 Climate Action Plan Update

The updated Climate Action Plan is now complete! In 2021, the Town of Sidney began the process to update its 2010 Climate Action Plan. The intent of this update was to ensure that the updated plan was consistent with current best practices and the latest science. Approved by Council on July 18, 2022, the updated Climate Action Plan will help make sure that Sidney is resilient to new risks associated with climate change and outline how Sidney is planning to participate in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The 2022 Climate Action Plan is comprised of two parts:

  • Part One, “Where we are today”, introduces the concepts of climate change and climate action; provides an overview of community climate risks; presents the corporate and community GHG inventories; and outlines Sidney’s GHG emission reduction targets.
  • Part Two, “Where we’re going”, contains 51 local actions that the Town can take to address climate change over eight focus areas. This part of the plan is meant to establish a high level framework for implementation, including which Town department would lead each project or initiative, and its approximate timeline and cost. Projects identified in the Climate Action Plan will also require project-specific planning and funding, to be addressed by Council as part of their annual budget and strategic planning processes.

You can find the 2022 Climate Action Plan here. 

Want to learn more about the Climate Action Plan development process? See the project page to learn more. You are also welcome to email climateaction@sidney.ca at any time with ideas and suggestions on how Sidney can take action on climate change.

Want to learn more about climate change? Check out this info sheet.

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