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Beacon Wharf Select Committee

The purpose of the Beacon Wharf Select Committee is to review options for replacing, or removing and not replacing the Beacon Wharf. The goal of the Committee is to review the issues and develop an action plan for feasible options based on the results of the review. The Committee will complete its review and submit a final report to Council. The Committee is intended to:

  1. Consider constructing a new wharf as one of the following options:
    • piled structure;
    • rock base structure; or
    • floating structure.
  2. Develop and implement a plan for community engagement.
  3. Consider the impact that the future of Bevan Pier will have on Beacon Wharf and vice versa.
  4. Consider requirements for environmental offsets for piled, rock and floating structures.
  5. Consider wharf connectivity to existing shoreline, and the adjacent waterfront infrastructure and community amenities.
  6. Determine the feasible uses and activities on a new wharf, including temporary or permanent structures, short term moorage, fishing, and any others.
  7. The Town is currently the Landlord to 3 commercial businesses on the present wharf. Determine the feasibility of commercial activities and the possible revenue streams and business case for doing for such activities.
  8. Determine a preferred wharf size and configuration.
  9. Consider ongoing maintenance costs of each option.
  10. Consider sightline implications of increasing the height of the wharf.
  11. Determine if building the new wharf in phases is practical.
  12. Respond to requests for information, data and/or resources, as appropriate.
  13. Consider other elements as determined by Committee as referred to by Council.
  14. Act in a strictly advisory role. The Town will consider the advice and recommendations of the Committee, but is not bound by such recommendations.
  15. Report to and communicate to Council through its minutes and update reports prepared by Staff.


Scheduled as required.

Agendas  & Minutes - 2020

 August 18      


Members (5)

  • Councillor Sara Duncan 
  • Councillor Chad Rintoul
  • Councillor Peter Wainwright
  • Scott Dallimore
  • Rob Milne, P. Eng.