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Official Community Plan Review Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Official Community Plan (OCP) Review Advisory Committee is to provide the Town with meaningful input and recommendations related to the creation of an update Town of Sidney OCP. Additional information about the project can be found on the Town's OCP Review project page. Specifically, the Committee is intended to:

  • Review and provide general guidance on matters referred to it by the Town, e.g. background information, draft materials, draft vision statements, and draft plan sections;
  • Participate in the specified consultation activities as a way to provide guidance for the OCP review process;
  • Advise the Town on policy review and development in the new OCP document;
  • Assist in informing the community about the OCP review process and encourage participation by diverse members of the community;
  • Act in a strictly advisory role. The Town will consider the input and recommendations of the Committee, but is not bound by such recommendations;
  • Report to and communicate to Council through its minutes and update reports prepared by Staff or the Project Consultant.


Scheduled as required.

Agendas  & Minutes 2021
January 26    
June 22  Agenda  Minutes  Video

Agendas  & Minutes 2020
  May 14  
  June 18
 Minutes  Video
  July 6
  October 27  
 Agenda  Minutes  Video

Members (9)

  • Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith
  • Councillor Peter Wainwright
  • David Calveley
  • Hannah Nawroth
  • Denny Gelinas
  • Marie Savage
  • Bernardine van der Meer
  • Gae VanSiri
  • Todd Wiebe