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The Administration Department, headed by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), is responsible for overseeing all municipal operations. The Department provides administrative support to Mayor and Councillors and is responsible for all Corporate Officer (Clerk) statutory duties required under the Local Government Act and the Community Charter. The CAO makes recommendations to Council on a broad range of policy and administrative issues and is responsible for the efficient management of the Town, its officers and employees. The Department also ensures that Council's directions and policies are carried out. It is a link between public, staff and Council advising on protocol and procedural issues. Key functions include:

  • organizing meetings of Council, including preparation of agendas and minutes;
  • processing and coordinating all business relative to Town Council;
  • providing advice with respect to Council procedures, policies and functions;
  • publishing official notices and media releases;
  • coordinating internal and external communications;
  • safekeeping of minutes of Council and its Committees, bylaws, agreements, leases and other legal documents on behalf of the Town;
  • administering oaths and taking affirmations, affidavits and declarations required to be taken under the Community Charter or any other Act relating to municipalities;
  • administering the Town's Records Management System;
  • processing requests for access to information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act; 
  • carrying out human resources services for the organization; and
  • conducting local government and school trustee elections.