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Summergate Village Information

The Town of Sidney wants to hear from Summergate Village Owners & Residents!

At the December 16, 2019 Council meeting, Mayor and Council considered a request from the Summergate Village Strata Council to have Town of Sidney Planning Department staff begin harmonizing the Summergate Village Land Use Contract (LUC) with the R4 (Summergate Village) zoning designation in advance of the expiry of the LUC on June 30, 2024. Following their deliberations, Council passed the following resolution:

  1. That a review of the Summergate Village (R4) Zone be undertaken following adoption of a new Town of Sidney Official Community Plan;
  2. That staff work with Summergate Village Strata Council to organize a public open house in early 2020 for all Summergate Village residents that includes a presentation by staff on key elements of the Summergate Village regulatory structure for informational purposes.

In coordination with the Summergate Village Strata Council, staff were planning to host an information session at the end of March 2020. Unfortunately, the information session has been indefinitely postponed due to the on-going health emergency caused by COVID-19.

Due to this postponement, Town of Sidney Council has instead directed staff to gather questions from Summergate Village owners and residents regarding the LUC’s expiry and the R4 zone, which is the zoning designation (land use regulation) that would subsequently apply to Summergate Village following expiry of the LUC.

The Town of Sidney invites you to submit all questions, comments and concerns in writing via email or letter no later than 4:00 pm on August 15, 2020. Questions can be submitted as follows:

Please include “Summergate Village Information” in the subject line. The questions submitted will be used to compile an information handout, which will provide information regarding the LUC expiry and the future land use regulations for Summergate Village. The handout will be distributed to Summergate Village owners and residents and posted on the Town's website.

Please include an email address in your communication to ensure a digital copy of the handout can be emailed to you once all information is compiled.