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2017 Construction Work and Engineering Projects

Ferry Terminal:
Building Improvements
Marine Structure Improvements

Storm Drainage:
Ardwell Storm Replacement
Ocean Avenue Storm Replacement
Stormwater Model Calibration

Parks Master Plan 
Reay Creek - Assessment & Dam Remediation
Skatepark Replacement
Rotary Park - Irrigation Replacement
Tulista Park - Volleyball Court
Melville Park - Path Resurfacing
Tulista Park - Sidewalk Replacement and Drainage Improvements
Tulista Park – Rebuild Picnic Shelter
Town Hall - Irrigation
Water Fountains – Downtown

Public Works & Roads:
Town Buildings - Hazardous Materials Analysis
Public Works Compound Extension and Fencing
Works Yard Solar Power Project
Pedestrian Traffic Counters
LED Streetlighting Upgrades
Resthaven Repaving (Malaview to Ardwell)
Colinwood Repaving and Curb Replacement
Beacon Wharf Causeway  Repaving
Fire Lane #3 – Repave (McDonald to Hwy 17)
Gail Place Repaving
Access Lane #4  Repaving (Orchard to Oakville)
Eastbrook, Wesbrook, Northbrook - Replace Sidewalks
Bowerbank/Amelia Traffic Improvements
Beacon/7th - Traffic Signals Upgrade 
Downtown Employee Parking Lot
Shoal Centre Flooring
Shoal Centre Sign

Water & Sewer:
Fire Hydrant Upgrades
Meter Replacement Program
Northbrook Watermain Replacement (Canora to Wesbrook)
Wesbrook Watermain Replacement (Northbrook to Eastbrook)
White Birch Watermain Looping & Access Road
Resthaven Sewer Replacement (Malaview to Amherst)
Siddall Sewer & Drain Remediation
Frost Pump Station Kiosk Replacement
Ardwell Sanitary Sewer Replacement