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Department Services

First Responder

The Sidney Fire Department participates in the First Responder Program in conjunction with the BC Ambulance Service. A crew will respond in our First Responder vehicle carries a medical kit as well as oxygen. The vehicle is also equipped with life jackets for responding to marine medical emergencies and a rabbit tool for gaining entry through locked doors.

 All firefighters are certified to First Responder Level 3, which is accomplished by taking forty hours of training. Crews are given refresher courses throughout the year during Thursday night training.



The Sidney Fire Department is able to do various types of rescues. Our new rescue pumper Rescue Squad is outfitted with all of the gear required to handle rescue situations. Equipping the rescue truck with the proper tools has enabled the fire department to handle many more types of rescue situations.

Rescue Squad carries rope rescue gear as well as climbing harnesses in preparation for difficult rescues involving heights and or/difficult spaces. In the Department we have a dedicated crew of rope rescue specialists who practice continually over the year to keep their skills and ability levels at their finest in case they are ever called upon for a difficult rescue involving height and or / difficult tight spaces.

Rescue Squad


The Sidney Fire Department responds to a variety of calls, including structure fires. At these calls our members pack up in full protective equipment such as boots, bunker coat and pants, flash hood, gloves, helmets and self-contained breathing apparatus. Entering the building on or off air depending on the emergency a team of two or more firefighters will be tasked with either fire suppression or search.

There are three different ways of fighting a fire; offensive, defensive or a transition attack. These techniques are regularly practiced on Thursday night training and through additional sources such as courses from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.