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Tsunami Information

A Tsunami is a series of ocean waves that are sometimes generated at the same time as an underwater earthquake. Large underwater landslides can also displace a great deal of water and generate a tsunami.

A tsunami wave can race outward in all directions at speeds of up to 800 kilometres an hour and can reach heights of six to nine metres at the shoreline.

What Should I Know About a Tsunami?

  • They have nothing to do with the tides or the weather and act differently from ordinary waves.
  • They can move through the ocean at intense speeds and be scarcely noticeable, even when passing under a boat.
  • The first wave of a tsunami is often not the largest; others may follow for a period of several hours.
  • Their danger lies in shallow waters, near shore.
  • Heights of the waves increase as the tsunami runs into river and coastal channels.

How Can I Prepare Myself For a Tsunami?

  • If you have enough time, move valuable belongings, pesticides and other dangerous goods to the upper floors.
  • Practice home evacuations and choose an out-of-area phone contact.
  • Learn first-aid procedures.
  • Prepare an emergency survival kit with enough food and water for you and your family to be self-sufficient for a minimum of three days.

If you would like more information on how to prepare yourself for an emergency, please contact the Fire Department.