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Emergency Messaging System

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In the event of an emergency, a tested and proven crisis communication and emergency mass notification system is critical to help ensure Sidney residents’ and stakeholders’ safety and well being. Recognizing this, the Town of Sidney has chosen ERMS as an emergency mass notification service provider.

The ERMS system supports outbound and inbound messaging on all commonly used platforms.

Residents and stakeholders subscribing to the Town of Sidney Emergency Mass Notification System will be notified of a potential threat to their safety and wellbeing such as severe weather, fire, tsunami, hazardous materials release, or other dangerous situation, on the communication device(s) of their choice. Following the initial message, further updates will be distributed as the situation progresses. This system also allows for residents and stakeholders to communicate back to the Town, for purposes such as advising of their current status; not okay, do not require assistance at this time, and so on. The ERMS system allows specifically targeted areas to be notified to prevent over notification. For example, if a gas leak is affecting only a few streets, these affected streets will be the only residents and stakeholders to be notified.

Individual subscription is required, as subscribers will be providing contact information specific to their personal devices, such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Many factors contributed to the selection of ERMS as the Town’s mass notification provider, one of which is that it is the only Canadian provider of an enterprise mass notification system and is the only mass notification system certified to supply the government of Canada. This ensures data stays in Canada and is not subject to the US Patriot Act.

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