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Sidney Seaside Sculpture Walk

The Sidney Seaside Sculpture Walk opened to the public in the summer of 2012.
It begins in Beacon Park and continues along the waterfront walkway south towards the Sidney International Ferry Terminal.  This magnificent outdoor art gallery uses the majestic scenery of Mount Baker and the Salish Sea as its backdrop.

Board Dog
Centaur (Chiron)

Board Dog
Paul Harder

Centaur (Chiron)
Philip Organ

Double Spinner
Lyman Whitaker

Pure Energy
Sea Otter Plaque

Michael Robb

Pure Energy
Armando Barbon

Sea Otter Plaque
2014 People's Choice
Fred Dobbs

The Muse
Tsunami cropped
Eye of the Ocean
David Hunwick
Lyle Hamer
  The Keeper cropped  


The Keeper
Ronald T. Crawford


Sidney Sculpture Walk Story Map 
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