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Sanitary Sewers

The Sewer Division is responsible for operating and maintaining approximately 50 km of sanitary sewer main lines and 13 sewer pump stations. 

Routine maintenance activities involve the cleaning of main lines with high-pressure flush trucks and video inspecting for problems or deficiencies.  In addition, there is the installation and repairing of 550 manholes, 2,500 Sewer connections and other related appurtenances.

Sewer Relining

The Town operates the sewage collection system and we pump the effluent to the Unified Treatment plant operated by the Capital Regional District (CRD).  The Town works closely with the CRD to protect and enhance the environment and preserve habitat areas.  The goal of the Department is to ensure that the sewer system is maintained in a proper operating condition and is providing the public with an appropriate level of service.

The Sewer Division operates out of the Underground Utilities Department and can be reached by telephone at 250-656-1034 during regular working hours and 250-656-1184 after hours if required.  Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information on how to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a backed up toilet or sink.  What should I do?

A.  Call the Town first; we will determine who is responsible.  Call the 24-hour emergency number at 250-656-1184.

Q. There appears to be a problem with a Town manhole in the street or boulevard.  Liquids are    coming out of the lid!

A.  Call the 24-hour emergency number at 250-656-1184.

Q. I would like to locate the sanitary sewer service connection for my building at the property line.

A.  Call the Town of Sidney Engineering Department at 250-656-4502.

Q. Can you do something about a noisy manhole lid in front of my house?

A.  Yes, call the Town of Sidney Underground Utilities Department at 250-656-1034.

Sewer Rates

In the Event of Emergency

In the event of a problem involving water, sewer, drainage, and roads call 250-656-1034 during regular business hours 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday or call the Public Works 24-hour emergency line at 250-656-1184 after hours.