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Snow Removal

Town Policy 

In the event of a snowfall, the Town of Sidney assigns a high priority to snow clearing and salting/sanding major arterial and collector streets. The first level of priority roads to be cleared are:

  • Emergency routes
  • Bus routes
  • Major collector roads

Once the first level of priority roads are clear, staff then clear as many local streets as possible. In addition, the Town clears snow and ice from the sidewalks at major intersections and bus stops, with the highest priority given to locations serving higher pedestrian volumes.

Street sidewalks and public building walkway snow clearing and ice control is performed in accordance with the Town's Streets and Traffic Regulation Bylaw No. 1966, which places responsibility on the owner or business to clear their street frontages. Therefore, the Town assumes responsibility for sidewalks fronting Town owned/leased lands.

Residents & Businesses

Residents, property owners, and businesses are reminded that Section 51 of the Town's Streets and Traffic Regulation Bylaw No. 1966 requires every resident to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of or abutting their property. In the event of a snowfall, the Town requests cooperation from all residents in this matter to ensure the safety and convenience of the public. If you are able, please keep in mind any neighbours who may require your assistance. Your efforts to make Sidney a safer all-weather community are greatly appreciated.

Residents can help keep the Town's storm drain system running smoothly by ensuring that catch basins located on roads in front of their properties are kept clear. Removing snow and ice from the surface of catch basins allows melting snow and ice to drain into the storm drain system and reduces the chance of flooding and icing in the road.


2019 Snow Clearing