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The greatest and most important public participation opportunity citizens  have in government is during the municipal election.  Citizens vote for who they want to represent them and make decisions on their behalf for the betterment of the community. Local Government Elections are held every four years for the offices of Mayor (1) and Councillor (6).  The Town is responsible for conducting its municipal elections, and concurrently conducts the School Trustee (1) elections on behalf of School District No. 63. 

Further information on municipal elections is available -  Local Government Election 101 

Town of Sidney
2018 Local Government Election

General Voting Day for the election of:   
                                         MAYOR  - one to be elected
                                         COUNCILLOR - six to be elected
                                         SCHOOL TRUSTEE - one to be elected                            
will be held on:     
                                Saturday, October 20th 
                               8:00 am to 8:00 pm
                               Mary Winspear Centre (2243 Beacon Avenue)                               

with Advance Voting Days being held on:    

                              Wednesday, October 10th 
                              Wednesday, October 17th 
                              8:00 am to 8:00 pm
                              Sidney Town Hall (2440 Sidney Avenue)

MAIL BALLOT voting is also available!