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 - 4:00 p.m., September 14, 2018

The following persons have been declared nominated as: 

Candidates for MAYOR:  (1 to be elected)
1.  McNEIL-SMITH, Cliff 
Cliff McNeil-Smith Photo

Tel:  250-217-8605
Email:  clifflistens@gmail.com
Website:  clifflistens.ca 
Facebook:  Cliff McNeil-Smith for Mayor @clifflistens

2.   PRICE, Steve
Steve Price Photo

Tel:  250-656-4077
Email:  stevenlawrenceprice@gmail.com
Website:  www.mayorprice.com
Facebook:  Re-Elect Steve Price for Mayor of Sidney

 Candidates for COUNCILLOR:  (6 to be elected)
 1.  DUNCAN, Sara
Sara Duncan Photo

Tel:  250-298-9677
Email:  duncanforsidney@gmail.com
Facebook:  duncanforsidney

2.  FALLOT, Barbara
Barbara Fallot Photo

Tel:  250-886-3768
Email:  barbarafallot02@gmail.com
Facebook:  Barbara Fallot - Sidney Council 

3.  GARNETT, Scott
Scott Garnett Photo
Tel: 250-656-0823
Alt. Tel:  250-889-6097
Email:  doubletfamily@shaw.ca
Facebook:  Scott Garnett for Sidney Council 2018

4.  HAILEY, Melissa
Melissa Hailey Photo

Tel:  250-686-9047
Email:  MSR.Hailey@gmail.com
Website:  melissahailey.nationbuilder.com

5.  LYNN, Greg
Greg Lynn Photo

Tel:  250-655-3799
Email:  greginsidney@gmail.com
Facebook:  Greg Lynn for Sidney Council 2018

6.  McLENNAN, Cam
Cam McLennan Photo
Tel:  778-426-3843
Email:  mclennan4sidney@gmail.com
Website:  www.cammclennan.com
Facebook:  Re-Elect Cam McLennan for Sidney Council

7.  O'KEEFFE, Terri
Terri O'Keefe Photo

Tel: 250-655-3124
Alt. Tel:  250-217-3124
Email:  okeeffeforsidney@gmail.com 
Facebook:  Terri O'Keeffe for Sidney Council 

8.  RINTOUL, Chad
Chad Rintoul Photo

Tel: 250-881-5766
Email:  chad@chadrintoul.ca
Website:  chadrintoul.ca
Facebook:  ChadRintoulSidney

9.  TEMPLEMAN, Jordan
Jordan Templeman Photo

Tel:  250-508-406
Email:  templemanforsidney@gmail.com
Facebook:  Templeman For Sidney Council

10.   WAINWRIGHT, Peter
Peter Wainwright Photo
Tel: 250-656-1903
Email:  pwwright@islandnet.com 
Website:  www.peterwainwright.com
Facebook:  PeterWainwrightSidneyCouncil

11.   WELLER, Stephen
Stephen Weller Photo

Tel:  250-880-1548
Email:  steve4sidneycouncil@gmail.com
Facebook:  Stephen Weller

 Candidates for SCHOOL TRUSTEE(1 to be elected)
1.   SILZER, Nola Tel:  250-896-6806
Email:  silzernola@icloud.com