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Mayor & Council

Mayor and Council

Your 2015-2018 elected Council consists of one Mayor and six Councillors:


Mayor Steve Price        mayor@sidney.ca
       (250) 655-4077
Councillor Erin Bremner-Mitchell
(250) 818-1840
Councillor Tim Chad   tchad@sidney.ca   (250) 656-4666
Councillor Barbara Fallot   bfallot@sidney.ca
  (250) 656-7537
Councillor Mervyn Lougher-Goodey   mlougher-goodey@sidney.ca   (250) 656-7303
Councillor Cam McLennan   cmclennan@sidney.ca
  (778) 426-3843
Councillor Peter Wainwright   wainwright@sidney.ca   (250) 656-1903
 To contact all of Council    MayorandCouncil@sidney.ca
  (250) 656-1139

The Mayor is always available to meet at the Town Hall with residents to hear their thoughts and concerns. For an appointment with Mayor Price, call 250-656-1139 and provide a brief description of the purpose of your meeting.

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