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Mayor & Council

Town of Sidney Council consists of one Mayor and six Councillors, elected to a four-year term of office. The Local Government Election was held on October 15, 2022.

Council Group Portrait 2022

L-R back: Councillor Scott Garnett, Councillor Richard Novek, Councillor Steve Duck, Councillor Chad Rintoul
L-R front: Councillor Sara Duncan, Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith, Councillor Terri O'Keeffe

Contacting Mayor & Council

Correspondence for all of Council should be addressed to "Mayor & Council" and sent:

  • By email:  admin@sidney.ca
  • By mail or drop off:  Town of Sidney, 2440 Sidney Avenue, Sidney, BC, V8L 1Y7
  • By fax:  250-656-7056

Correspondence to Council must include your full name and email or mailing address. Please note that your correspondence may be published in an open meeting Council Agenda package that is made available for public viewing.

Request to Appear before Council
Request is to be received by the Corporate Officer, no later than 4:30 pm on Tuesday, prior to the Council meeting. Once the request is received, the Corporate Officer will reply confirming the details of the appearance before Council.

Councillor Information

Meeting with the Mayor

The Mayor is available to meet at the Town Hall with residents to hear their thoughts and concerns. For an appointment with Mayor McNeil-Smith, call 250-656-1139 or email admin@sidney.ca and provide a brief description of the purpose of your meeting.

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