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Council Priorities for 2015

Reay Creek:
Recent environmental testing at Reay Creek pond has confirmed that significant levels of some metal contaminants have accumulated within pond sediment over the last 75 years and that some of this contamination has migrated downstream. The Town of Sidney recognizes the significance of this issue and therefore has organized a group of stakeholders, property owners and government agencies to investigate options and costs to clean up and address this important freshwater system. 
Reay Creek image

Social Media:
This initiative has already been completed! The Town of Sidney now uses Facebook and Twitter as a means to communicate and promote Town initiatives with the public. We plan to enhance our use of these media, as well as adding YouTube in future.  

Explore an Employee/overflow Parking Lot on VAA / MPS Lands:
The Town has applied for grant funding to construct a parking lot south of the Mary Winspear Centre. The parking lot is intended for employees working in the downtown core, thereby freeing up parking for customers. It will also provide overflow parking for events at the Mary Winspear Centre.  Preliminary concepts include attractive landscaping in and around the lot and the possibility of RV parking and services.  
Employee Parking Lot image

Community Safety Building:
The Town is investigating construction of a new Community Safety Building due to seismic and safety deficiencies of the current Fire Hall. Sidney’s demographic, increased and changing service needs and lack of size / training facility are also contributing factors in the need for a new facility. Construction of a new Community Safety Building will ensure the Town of Sidney and partnering emergency response and management agencies can provide essential services well into the future.  
CSB image

Beacon Wharf:
Sidney’s iconic Beacon Wharf is a central public space that is enjoyed by residents and visitors throughout the year.  However, the Wharf needs major repairs to ensure its safety and integrity. Rather than a short-term solution, Council will undertake an in-depth study that looks at the long-term sustainability of the Wharf while considering other possible uses, including providing better access to Sidney’s downtown.  
Beacon Wharf image

A More Balanced Demographic:
A more balanced demographic is essential to enhance Sidney social and economic future. This includes initiatives such as workforce housing, so that young families can live and work in Sidney, as well as other initiatives that would make Sidney more attractive for younger families.  

West Sidney Local Area Plan:
The purpose of this Local Area Plan is to evaluate existing land use and transportation conditions and provide a "road map" to establish a foundation that will help direct future change and investment in the area. The LAP would provide a framework that will assist the Town in making capital infrastructure investment decisions and assessing major development proposals to ensure that both private and public investment works to achieve the vision established by the community. 
LAP Study area

Gateway and Way Finding Signage:
The Town is working with local community organizations and business to ensure we present Sidney in the best way possible. Creating attractive gateways is an important part of downtown and community revitalization as it establishes a welcoming face to our town.  Equally important is appropriate wayfinding signage to assist visitors in navigating their way through the community, thus contributing to a positive experience for all.  
Gateway signage image

Economic Development:
One of the recommendations that came from the Mayor’s Downtown Revitalization Task Force was the establishment of an Economic Development Commission. Council has approved this initiative and will move forward with establishing the Commission this fall. The purpose of the EDC is to continue support for economic development within the Town.