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Mayor's Chain of Office

The Mayoral Chain of Office is steeped in historic tradition dating back over a thousand years. Originating with the Dukes of Normandy, civic authorities have borne an official seal incorporating the arms of the authority. This seal was originally worn on a gold chain around the neck of the chief official. This "decoration" has evolved into the modern Chain of Office.

The Chain of Office is composed of symbolic elements joined with pieces of chain from which hangs a medallion. The Chain of Office is sewn onto a velvet collar which is not only decorative but makes it more comfortable to wear.

Upon inauguration of a new Mayor, the Chain of Office is symbolically placed around the Mayor's neck and traditionally worn throughout the inauguration ceremony at the First Meeting of Sidney Town Council.

Sidney’s Chain of Office is comprised of the following elements:

  • Two golden maple leaves
  • Four Dogwood - the Official Flower of BC
  • Sidney’s first Coat of Arms
  • The Canadian Coat of Arms
  • The BC Coat of Arms
  • Twenty two Gold Bars with names and years of service of previous Mayors
  • Hanging from the bottom of the Chain of Office, and worn in front, is a medallion with the Town of Sidney's Coat of Arms.

The Mayor wears the Chain of Office on ceremonial occasions, when they appear in their official capacity, as a mark of pride in the community in which we live. It also acknowledges the responsibilities, authority and dignity which are attached to the office of the Chief Magistrate of the Town of Sidney.

Ceremonial events where the Chain of Office are worn: First Meeting of Council, Mayor's Levee and Official visits.