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Strategic Plan

On January 12th, Council conducted a 2023 strategic planning session. The goal of this full-day session was to update Council’s key priorities and strategies for the year ahead. The Strategic Plan will continue to be revisited by Council each fall to ensure goals and actions reflect current realities.


"The Town of Sidney, located in the area known as SET,TINES to the WSÁNEĆ people, is a leader in good governance and service delivery and is recognized for being trustworthy, connected to the community, stewards of the environment, inclusive, innovative, resilient and an employer of choice.”


"The Town of Sidney provides good governance, services, and stewardship of public assets, and fosters the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community for current and future generations.”


The updated 2023 Strategic Plan includes the following seven overarching goals:

  • 1. Complete Community
    The Town will strive to be a complete community with a mix of amenities and a quality living environment.

  • 2. Environmental Stewardship
    The Town will be stewards of our environment.

  • 3. Community Infrastructure
    The Town will be a leader in the management of its assets.

  • 4. Community Safety, Health & Wellbeing
    The Town will work with its emergency and health services (Fire, RCMP, Ambulance, VIHA, Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation, etc.) to ensure community safety and well-being, while capitalizing on our community assets to foster an environment that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for all.

  • 5.Economic Vibrancy
    The Town will continue to adapt and prosper as a diverse commercial centre for business and employment.

  • 6. Community Engagement
    The Town will strive to engage the public in its decision-making processes. .

  • 7. Organizational Excellence
    The Town of Sidney will remain a leading organization in the provision of governance and quality services.


2023 Strategic Plan Cover

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