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Public Notice: Renewal of Sidney Business Improvement Area

Town of Sidney Council has initiated the process for the renewal of the Business Improvement Area (BIA) in downtown Sidney for an additional five-year term.

The Sidney BIA was formed in 2012, renewed in 2017, and is once again looking to extend its term for a further five years. The purpose of the BIA is to market, promote and support the downtown business district.

The renewal bylaw may be found here.

Annual funding will be provided by Council to the BIA in the amount of $337,000 for the calendar year 2023. This amount will increase by 2.5% per year over the following four years (2024-2027). The funding must be used solely for advancing the purposes of the Sidney BIA.

The annual funding is raised each year through a special levy on the owners of taxable Class 5 (Light Industry) and Class 6 (Business and Other) properties within the Sidney BIA. In 2022, the levy is $1.00424 per $1,000 of assessed value; so for a property valued at $1 million, the levy represents about $1,004.

Council may adopt the Bylaw renewing the BIA unless a majority of the owners, representing at least 50% of the property values within the BIA area (see map below), petition Council NOT to proceed.

Registered owners of all taxable Class 5 (Light Industry) and Class 6 (Business and Other) properties within the BIA area will receive written notification of this initiative. Those owners wishing to petition against the renewal of the Sidney BIA must submit written notification of their objection to Town Council. Please see below for a sample response form and remittance instructions.

Please note that if you SUPPORT the renewal of the BIA, you do not need to do anything. Only those opposed to the renewal must register their opposition by the deadline.

 map of BIA area

Response Forms

Sample response forms, for those intending to oppose the renewal of the BIA, are shown below.

Please note: there is one form for properties with a single owner, and another form for properties with multiple owners.

Single Owner

Multiple Owners

You do not have to use the forms above; however, if you are intending to register your opposition, the content of the forms should be similar to what is included on these samples.

Any opposition to the creation of the BIA must be registered via written correspondence to the Corporate Administrator of the Town of Sidney prior to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, May 27, 2022, at the following address: 2440 Sidney Avenue, Sidney, BC, V8L 1Y7. No responses received after the deadline will be accepted, regardless of the date they were postmarked. The signed responses may also be emailed to Finance@sidney.ca; these must also be received by the deadline.

Contact Information

For information on the BIA renewal process, please contact:

Andrew Hicik
Director of Corporate Services
Town of Sidney

For information about the BIA and its services, please contact:

Morgan Shaw
Executive Director
Sidney BIA