Business Districts

Sidney has three business districts that are distinctive in their business composition, land-use needs and future economic prospects. The business districts are interspersed with residential uses, transected by the Pat Bay Highway and served by economic and community infrastructure, including parks, recreation and culture facilities, waterfront amenities, and transportation services.

Downtown Sidney

Downtown Sidney is the main commercial service centre for the north end of the Saanich Peninsula. Land use is oriented to mixed use retail, office and commercial, and higher density residential.

It has the highest concentration of buildings, people, and jobs of the three districts and serves as the shopping, dining, entertainment and arts and culture heart of the immediate community and surrounding Peninsula communities. It also attracts visitors from across the region and beyond.

West Sidney Industrial Park

West Sidney features light to medium industrial land uses. It is home to steel fabricators, machinery and specialty manufacturing, “clean tech” research, transportation services, warehousing, professional services and construction services.

It is where most of the community’s trade and export activities are located.

Harbour Road

Harbour Road is a small but important business area, hosting a cluster of marine related businesses, including full-service marinas, chandlery, yacht concierge services, boat storage and repair, and custom boat building.