Tree Preservation Bylaw

Town of Sidney Tree Preservation Bylaw No. 2138 regulates the cutting, pruning, and removal of trees and sets requirements for replacing protected trees.


DOWNLOAD SIGN: Tree protection zone sign for areas undergoing development

Protected Trees

Trees are protected for many reasons, from the tree type to its size or location. Protected trees include:

  • Protected species (see chart below)
  • Replacement trees
  • Trees required to be planted or retained under a Development Permit
  • Trees within an area designated in the Town’s Official Community Plan as a development permit area for the protection of the natural environment, its ecosystems and biological diversity
  • Trees on a highway, park or other Town owned or occupied lands
  • Any tree having a diameter greater than 60 cm

Protected tree

Size of tree to be removed

Required number of replacement trees

Garry Oak, Arbutus, Pacific Dogwood, Western Yew, Seaside Juniper, Cascara, Shore Pine

< 3 cm diameter
3 – 20 cm diameter
20 – 40 cm diameter
> 40 cm diameter


Douglas-fir, Grand Fir, Western Redcedar, Bigleaf Maple

< 1.2 m tall
1.2 – 6 m tall
6 – 12 m tall
> 12 m tall


All other Protected Trees except those forming part of a Hedge


All other Protected Trees forming part of a Hedge


Please refer to Tree Preservation Bylaw No. 2138 for more detailed information.


Tree Removal Permits

To remove, extensively prune, or top an existing tree located on private property, you may require a Tree Removal Permit. Visit the Tree Permit Application page for more information.