Business Licence Renewals

In Sidney, business licence renewals are free of charge. New businesses pay a fee only once, upon initial application. Business licences must be renewed annually by completing the renewal form on or before February 28th of each year.

Business licences not renewed by the deadline will expire and require a new application and fee.

Business licences can no longer be renewed for 2024. To apply for a new business licence, please see the Starting a Business page.

Have questions? Please email or call 250-656-1725.

Sign up for paperless Business Licence reminders

You can now choose to receive your business licence and related documents by email.

  • Log in to your MySidney account.
  • Select “Edit Accounts.”
  • Select “Change Bill Delivery Method.”
  • Choose which accounts you want to change.
  • Select “Email” for your billing preference.

Update Business Information

If your address or business details have changed, please fill out the:

Business Licence Form to Change Business Information