The Town of Sidney aims to balance the provision of high quality services with affordable taxes for residents and businesses. Since the needs and wants within the municipality are often greater than what the municipality and community can afford at one time, choices must be made.

Current and previous financial plans can be found below. The plans are developed on an annual basis and look ahead to the next five years, as required by the Community Charter.

2024 Budget Approved

The 2024-2028 Financial Plan was introduced to Council and the public on February 5th. The draft financial plan started out with a proposed general tax increase of 8.42%.  This amount included several internal and external requests that had not yet been approved by Council, and was simply a starting point for budget deliberations.

Over the course of the budget process, Council reduced the general tax increase to 6.04%.  The impact of this tax increase to the average residence is about $102 for the year, or $8.50 per month.

News Release: Council approves 2024-2028 Financial Plan

Budget Materials

Copies of the staff slideshow presentations are linked below, along with the public budget document.  Please note that the items should be considered together.  Reading the document without also checking out the slideshow presentations will likely not provide enough information. The Council meetings were also recorded, as are all Town Council meetings.  For a more complete picture of the budget process, slideshows may be viewed together with the recording of that meeting.


See the 2024-2028 Financial Plan