Apply for a Business Licence

All businesses operating within the Town of Sidney must hold a valid Business Licence. Obtaining a Business Licence is generally a quick and easy process. The timing depends on the complexity of your application. The Starting a Business page provides an overview of the steps involved with setting up a business in Sidney.

There are different types of business licences recognized in Sidney:

A Town of Sidney Business Licence can be obtained through the


Once an application is submitted and payment is received, Town staff will contact applicants to continue the licensing process. This includes:

As some of these items include other agencies, please refer to a Commonly Requested List of Business Licence Contacts.

Business Licence application fees can be paid in person at the Town Hall or online.

The Town participates in the Intermunicipal Business Licence (IMBL) agreement with other municipalities in the Capital Regional District (CRD). If business activities extend beyond the Town of Sidney (such as a contractor or mobile services provider), the Town can issue an Intermunicipal Business Licence which applies to municipalities in the CRD. Likewise, the Town will also recognize an Intermunicipal Business Licence issued from another municipality.

The issuing municipality must be the municipality in which the business is physically located, or, in the case of a mobile/home business, the business owner’s municipality of residence.

There is no cost difference between an Intermunicipal Business Licence and a non-Intermunicipal Business Licence.

The Intercommunity Business Licence (ICBL) is helpful for businesses that perform a service or activity within more than one municipality by moving from client to client rather than having clients come to them (e.g. trades, contractors, landscapers, delivery services, cleaning services, caterers, etc.).

First a business obtains a standard business licence from any one of the Participating Municipalities. Then the business can apply for an ICBL. The licence applies to non-resident businesses and businesses that do not have a business location in any of the Participating Municipalities.

If a mobile business has storefronts in multiple communities, they must purchase a municipal business licence in each of those Participating Municipalities.

The ICBL costs $170 annually. Other fees may apply.

To apply for an ICBL please contact the Development Services Department staff by email at or by phone at  250-656-1725.