Snow Removal

Street clearing, sidewalks and snow melt process

When Sidney experiences a heavy snowfall, Public Works staff work around the clock to clear our streets and make them as safe as possible through salting and sanding.

The Town prioritizes major roads and collector streets, as well as streets in the downtown area. As time permits, we clear as many local streets as possible. We also clear ice and snow from intersections and bus stops, beginning with high-use areas.

Our snow removal fleet is generally less sophisticated than communities in Canada that experience greater annual snowfall. For instance, Sidney’s snowplows do not have gates that prevent snow from piling up at the end of driveways. Please recognize that staff are doing their best, be kind and respectful to snow removal operators.

Residents, property owners, and businesses are required to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of or abutting their property. This is a requirement under the Traffic Regulation Bylaw (sec. 51). Please do your part to keep Sidney safe and accessible during snowfalls by clearing nearby sidewalks as soon as possible. Consider extending a hand to neighbours who need assistance with snow clearing.

Once the weather warms up following a major storm event, the community can play an important role in preventing flooding and icing of roads. Please ensure that catch basins located on roads in front of your home or business are kept clear so melting snow makes it into the storm drain system.