Curbside recycling service within the Town of Sidney is provided by the Capital Regional District, through the CRD run Blue Box Recycling Program.

The CRD contracts GFL Environmental to provide collection services. For service issues, GFL Environmental can be contacted at 236-470-0186 or

For general inquiries regarding the Blue Box Recycling Program,  please reach out to the CRD Recycling Hotline at 236-470-0186 or get in touch with them.

You may also want to download the CRD’s Recycling App.

Recycling collection takes place biweekly on Mondays.

Items must be placed at the curbside by 7 am. To avoid recycling box contamination and to see what is and isn’t accepted in your blue box, follow these guidelines for curbside recycling.

For additional information, queries, or complaints, please visit the CRD’s Blue Box Program page or contact the CRD Recycling Hotline at 236-470-0186.

If you are a new resident or require a replacement blue box or blue bag, please contact GFL Environmental at 236-470-0186 or

As the curbside Blue Box Recycling Program is operated on a regional basis by the CRD, the cost of this service is not billed directly by the Town. Rather, curbside recycling costs are included in the Regional District taxes on your property tax bill.

For more information about refuse collection charges, please visit the Refuse Collection Rates page.

There are several other recycling operators that service the region. Please look through the links below to see if the following options may suit your recycling needs.

Do you have clothing or household items to recycle that could be reused by someone else? The links below are provided to assist residents who have clothing or household items they wish to recycle or donate.

If you are looking for junk/rubbish removal services, there are several companies operating in the region that will pick up unwanted items and separate materials that can be recycled or donated from those that they bring to the landfill.

An online search for “Junk removal Sidney BC” will offer multiple service providers that you can look through to find the right fit for your needs.