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Bench People Statues

The statues of people found on benches throughout downtown Sidney were created by local artist Nathan Scott, who also sculpted the Terry Fox statue at Mile 0 in Victoria.

The initiative to create the “bench people” began with local resident Reg Teeney who organized a fundraising campaign for the public art display which encourages public interaction and photos.

Children petting a cat

Located on the north-east corner of Beacon Avenue and Fifth Street, the “Children petting a cat” statue portrays the next generation of our community.

The boy is fashioned after Reg Teeney’s own grandson.

Man with dog

In honour of the 2005 Year of the Veteran, the ANAVETS chose Veteran John Waterfall to represent them on a bench at the corner of Second Street and Beacon Avenue.

His companion is a local dog chosen from 500 photos entered through a competition.

Mrs. Stone

Located outside on the north-east corner of Beacon Avenue and Fourth Street is Mrs. Stone reading a book.

This statue recognizes Sidney’s many independently-owned bookstores and is a replica of the artist’s grandmother-in-law.

Old Man by the Sea

One of Sidney’s first sculptures, the “Old Man by the Sea” is located at the foot of Bevan Fishing Pier.

Old Salty

Between Third and Fourth Street on Beacon Avenue sits “Old Salty“, who is fashioned after the artist’s father-in-law.

He is a barefoot sailor sitting with his boots between his feet, looking up to the sky and warming himself in the sun.  This statue reflects the maritime history of Sidney.

Veteran and child

The “Veteran and child” statue is located at the front entrance of the Mary Winspear Centre.  The statue is fashioned after local Veteran Jim Lang in dress uniform with full medals, looking upon a small child who is fashioned after Reg Teeney’s granddaughter.

The statue commemorates the sacrifice of the Veteran’s youth to protect the country for future generations.