Business Continuity Planning

The Sidney Fire Department has created a Business Continuity Planning template to support the resiliency of local businesses in the event of a disaster.  Small businesses are the backbone of Sidney’s local economy and community. Business continuity planning is crucial to ensuring the community as a whole can survive an emergency and recover well afterwards.

To get you started, PreparedBC has put together a Guide for Small Businesses. Some highlights from this guide are:

  • Know the Risks. Hazards vary depending on where your business is located. Understanding the risks in the region will ensure your disaster planning is effective.
  • Make a Plan. Thinking ahead means you will be able to respond quickly and effectively during an emergency.
  • Prepare your Business. Stock emergency supplies. You should have an emergency kit at your business, as well as at home and in your vehicle. Talk to your employees about putting together their own kits for at work.
  • Practice your Plan. Share the elements of your Business Continuity Planning Template with your employees and co-workers. Provide training on what each person’s role and responsibility will be in an emergency.

Successful disaster mitigation and recovery planning is a collaborative effort. Businesses are encouraged to contact the Sidney Fire Department for assistance with this planning process.