Property Information

The Town provides access to property information while ensuring the privacy of property owners.

Release of records are subject to:

There is no guarantee that the Town will have the specific records on file for all properties, and the Town does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information provided.

Property owners (and their authorized agents/realtors) looking for information about their own property can fill out the Town’s General Request for Property Information Form and submit it by email to

If you are not the registered owner of a property, please ensure you complete the bottom half of the back of the General Request for Property Information form authorizing access to municipal records. Alternatively, we can also accept the following as owner authorization:

  • A copy of the standard MLS listing agreement;
  • An executed copy of the Contract for Purchase and Sale; or
  • Any form you may already have/use that grants you access to Municipal records provided it includes the property address, the registered owner’s name, the registered owner’s signature, and the name of the person or organization granted access.

For more information on requesting information about a property that you do not own, refer to the Request for Access to Information process outlined on the Access to Information webpage.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the building plans for your home, the Town of Sidney has building plans on file for most properties, but not all. Please complete and submit the Building Plan Copying Request Form by email to Once received, Town staff will send the plans to Island Blue Print for copying. Copying charges are outlined on the bottom of the request form and all fees are payable to Island Blue Print, not the Town of Sidney. Island Blue Print will contact you for payment prior to starting the job, and you will pick up the plans directly from Island Blue Print. You are also welcome to come in and look at the plans at Town Hall before they are sent for copying. Please call 250-656-1725 or email to arrange to view plans.

Town staff process property information requests as soon as possible, and in the order that they are received.

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