Roadway Improvements on Galaran Road

The Town of Sidney will be constructing major roadway improvements on Galaran Road in the summer of 2023. Construction will begin this spring and is expected to continue through the summer and fall. The project aims to redevelop Galaran Road with on-street parking and safe pedestrian amenities, consistent with the future vision of the existing neighborhood.

Status Update

Storm drain mains have been installed and water main replacement is nearing completion. Crews will begin road work the week of May 29, 2023. Expect delays between Beacon Avenue West and Mills Road West. Please check back for further updates as work progresses. Expect delays between Henry Avenue West and Mills Road West. Please check back for further updates as work progresses.

Galaran Road was identified as a priority in the 2017 West Side Local Area Plan (WSLAP). Through extensive public engagement, it was determined that improvements were needed to service and connect the differing land uses on either side of the street, and to serve as a gateway to the mixed-use village as it evolves.

The key objectives are to:

  • Improve pedestrian-friendliness along the length of the corridor,
  • Continue to facilitate a moderate industrial use, and
  • Improve connectivity between the different land uses on either side.

Various options for incremental upgrades and phased approaches were discussed through an open-house engagement process following the WSLAP, and it was determined that all roadway, curb, and sidewalk improvements would be completed as one capital project in 2023.

The Beacon West Traffic Study completed in 2021 determined that Galaran Road warranted reclassification from ‘local’ to ‘collector’ street, and reiterated the need for corridor upgrades to Galaran in the short-term, particularly pedestrian facilities and formalized parking. This study also determined the necessity of a roundabout at the intersection of Galaran Road and Beacon West; although this is being constructed as a wholly separate project, it will also be built in 2023. Care has been taken to ensure consistency between the two designs.

Learn about the Beacon West Roundabout here.

This project will comprehensively upgrade 600m of roadway between Beacon Avenue West and Mills Road West. The improvements will include full roadway resurfacing, with curb and gutter, parking, and pedestrian facilities along both sides. Interspersed parking bays and landscape pockets will be strategically placed to calm traffic and act as a buffer for pedestrian comfort. Marked crosswalks with button-activated safety beacons will be installed at key crossing points.

Construction is set to commence in spring of 2023 and continue through the summer and early fall. The first stage will begin in March, involving ditch infill and storm drain construction north of Henry Avenue. Following this, and subject to regulatory approvals, crews will then replace the water main continuing northward from 10049 Galaran Road to Mills Road. A map of these construction phases is shown above.

Work will be staged so that access to side streets will remain open at all times, though alternate routes are encouraged where possible. on-street parking will be subject to closures.

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