Business Signs

It is important to ensure that business signs comply with the Town of Sidney’s Sign Bylaw. This bylaw regulates the size, number, and types of permitted signs.

Permits are not required for signs in Sidney, provided that the sign meets the requirements of Sign Bylaw.

Any company designing signage on behalf of a business, should familiarize themselves with the regulations in the Sign Bylaw to ensure compliance.

Town staff are happy to review draft sign designs to ensure compliance. Email sign renderings to

Sandwich Board Signs

Sandwich Board signs are the only type of free-standing signage permitted by the Sign Bylaw in commercial areas in Sidney, provided they meet the following requirements:

  • The sign must be located on the private property of the business it serves. Signs may not be located on any public sidewalk, road, or right-of-way.
  • Each side of the sign may be no greater than 0.6 metres (1.97 feet) in width by 1.0 metres (3.2 feet) in height.
  • Only one Sandwich Board sign is permitted per business.

Town of Sidney Sign Bylaw 2058

Town of Sidney Sign Bylaw Map