June 10, 2024

Town of Sidney Council Meeting Highlights: June 10, 2024

Sidney, BC

Highlights from regular Council meetings provide a brief summary of some items of broad public interest. The summary is not inclusive of all agenda items. Please refer to the Council Portal for the full agenda, minutes, and webcast.

 Public hearing scheduled for Zoning Bylaw on June 24th

Council gave first and second reading to an updated Zoning Bylaw, which incorporated several revisions to reflect community input shared this spring. A Public Hearing has now been scheduled for June 24th at 6pm. Members of the public are invited to speak in person or virtually at the Public Hearing. Comments can also be submitted in writing.

Following the Public Hearing, Council will consider adopting the Zoning Bylaw, which provides regulatory guidance for building and development throughout Sidney.

The updated Zoning Bylaw reflects the recently adopted Official Community Plan and new Provincial housing legislation. Changes stemming from Provincial legislation are mandatory, including Bill 44, which requires that properties currently limited to single-family and duplex homes be permitted to accommodate up to three or four dwelling units, depending on lot size.

More information about the Zoning Bylaw can be found at www.sidney.ca/zoning.

Staff Report                   Video (1:32:48)