Provincial Housing Target Order

In September 2023, in an effort to address the housing crisis, the Province began establishing housing targets for communities across BC. On June 26, 2024, following discussions with Town staff, the Province announced that it had issued a housing target order Sidney.






Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith shared the following public statement in response to the housing target order:

The Town of Sidney is committed to doing our part to address the housing crisis and meet the Province’s proposed housing target order of 468 units over the next five years. We understand the critical importance of new housing, particularly rental housing, for working people, families, and seniors.

We believe the target is realistic and achievable for Sidney. Currently, there are close to 100 dwelling units under construction in the community, and approximately 300 dwelling units have received development approval during the past year.

The new Official Community Plan that we approved in 2022, and the new Zoning Bylaw that Council just gave final approval to on Monday evening (June 24th), provide the opportunity for more and various housing types in the community.

Sidney is the smallest municipality in the Capital Regional District at only five square kilometers and is almost entirely built-out. Successive Councils and staff continue to be leaders in urban infill, identifying effective ways to meet housing needs while maintaining a vibrant community with small-town character. Sidney was one of the first municipalities in British Columbia to legalize secondary suites in almost all single and two-family residential zones, and to allow higher-density small-lot housing throughout one of its residential neighbourhoods.

As we strive to meet or exceed the Province’s housing target order, it is important to have support from senior levels of government for the infrastructure and amenity needs associated with significant residential growth. The Town of Sidney looks forward to collaborating with the Province to achieve our shared housing goals and maintain our complete community.